Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sweden: Police currently investigating a terror threat in Stockholm.

(Stockholm) The Swedish Security Service, Säpo, have confirmed that they are investigating a threatening chain of message that is being spread on social media, regards an imminent attack on the Swedish capital. However they have denied reports in the media that they have formally stepped up their level of security. Säpo's head of communications Nina Odermalm Schei

"We have an intensive flow of intelligence and receive threats similar to this one every other day or so. The difference in this case is that the threat is being spread on social media. Our job is then to find out what there is to it,"
Local newspaper Aftonbladet reports that the threat is aimed at central parts of Stockholm. It is understood that the threat does not contain any concrete information, Sweden's national terror threat level remains at "three" on a scale from one to five where five is the most serious.

UK: ISIS wannabe jailed for 4 years

(London) On the day after the Paris attacks in November 2015. Taha Hussain and another filmed themselves outside Windsor castle and at a nearby British Army barracks, making  threats and yelling ISIS slogans. Hussain made a second video outside Hounslow barracks with Haroon Ali Syed, 19, from Hounslow, west London, who was jailed for life in July 2017 for plotting a terrorist attack at an Elton John concert in Hyde Park.

After he had been picked up by the Policed they found that in Hussain they had a Islamic State fanatic who liked nothing more than spreading terrorist propaganda which stated that politicians, police and soldiers were the "best of all people to kill” When Hussain was arrested in August last year, police found that his screensaver was the black flag of IS and his PIN number was 9117 - an apparent reference to the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks. Other images on the device showed the black flag of Islam superimposed on the burning Houses of Parliament and flying outside Number 10 Downing Street. Six separate clips were also found on his phone, in which the men could be seen driving past the castle and Victoria Barracks and listening to an Arabic chant called a nasheed while giggling in excitement.
"See that place over there? [Windsor Castle] Insha'Allah, we're going to [tear] up the British flag [replace it] with that of sharia Insha'Allah, of the Emir al Mumineen [Leader of the Faithful] Abu Bakr al Baghdadi,"
In court, Hussain who had become religiously observant at the age of 15, claimed he was in Windsor "to feed the ducks". 
Hussain, of Slough, was found guilty at the Old Bailey in July of seven charges of disseminating terror documents on YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram apps.

Sentencing him to four and a half years in prison, the judge Paul Dodgson said some of the evidence heard in the trial was chilling, particularly in light of recent terror attacks in the UK. He said: 
“I can only hope that your public renouncement of the aims of Isis and its allies is genuine and will lead you to take a new direction in the way you observe your religion.”
Really? A religious bigot whose friends have either been arrested for terrorism, serving prison sentences for terrorism , buggered off to join ISIS or died carrying out Terrorists acts, says he's see the error of his ways and promises to be a good Muslim from now on. I suppose the detail is in how we decipher what being a good Muslim entails?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

UK: Muslims buy former theatre in the middle of Jewish Golders Green

(London)  The biggest collection of Jews in London can be found in Golders Green and until recently Jews knew they had somewhere safe to go to in the city away from the increasing hoards of Muslims who have made the capital into Londonistan. But Muslims are not known for living in peace with their neighbours and they have just purchased a theatre in the centre of Golders Green (next door to the Bus station) in which to make into a community centre for (so they say) all to share. You know this isn't going to happen and pretty soon Muslims will cause trouble (As they always do) and push out the locals in which to make GG into a Muslim ghetto.

I used to live in MIll Hill and know GG and the area really well, never had any problem with the Jews, or even the Hindus from Edgeware (just around the corner) But you can guess with whom I never got on with. (And I'm an ex Muslim saying that) . Yes its a free country and all that, but I couldn't see the Muslims in their ghettos accepting any Non-Islamic place of worship moving in, never mind a Jewish one. Yet when its Muslims doing the moving in, we keep on getting told they will open it up to everybody. Really??? 

Czech Republic: Somali girl fails in bid to sue for the right to wear Hijab.

(Prague)  Somali Asylum seeker Ayan Yamaal Ahmednuur wasn’t happy when she was banned from wearing the hijab  at Nurse training college. So much so, she withdrew herself from the school because the ban prevented her from wearing hijab even during theory lessons, though originally she agreed with the school on taking her hijab off during the practical exercises of student nurses only. She said the school didn’t even allow her to cover her neck during the lessons. She then found a lawyer in which to demand that a Prague secondary medical school apologise to her and provide financial compensation of 60,000 crowns (£5.5K/$7.3k).

Well today Prague’s Municipal Courton rejected her appeal (against an earlier ruling from a lower court) stating:
“that the school, which prepares students for a career in medicine, had to remain a “neutral environment”.,"
Miss Ahmednuur who didn’t attend the court case said she would be considering taking further legal steps.

Somalia: Russia states it is going to help Mogadishu with its Terrorist problem.

(Moscow) Flush from helping Syria with its terrorist problem, Russia has discussed it is going to send troops to Somalia in which to help them eradicate their own Islamic terrorist issue, which further exemplifies the fact that years of western liberalism towards Terrorists :

  • "Oh we must talk to them"
  • "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter"
Hasn't worked one bit and the only thing they understand is somebody with a bigger gun.

Syria: British MOD used a Hellfire missile to stop an ISIS public execution

(Abu Kamal) In a Syrian border town, ISIS  decided that due to the lack of any decent TV programs (Well they have banned TV) to put on a show of their own, so dragging a victim into the town square they presumed that they could make a killing from selling halal popcorn to lots of people demanding an evenings entertainment.

Until that is the RAF decided to spoil their day by hitting a nearby gunman with a hellfire missile resulting in a mission the liberals cannot claim injured so called civilians or even a wedding party. who just happened to be passing by, minding their own business.

Sweden: Police arrest Jihadist transporting Bomb to Malmo

(Lomma) Swedish Police got a lucky break last Friday when during a routine stop at 3am, they just happened to come across a 45 year old jihadist transporting a bomb to the city of Malmo for immediate use.

On finding an explosive device, the 103 and E6 major arteries were closed down whilst bomb disposal men were called to make safe the device.

The gentleman driving the car was known to the police.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Apple: IOS11: New Features & Changes for your IPhone.

Here's a few new features for  your IPhone:

Apple: IOS11 how to for your IPAD

If like me you've updated your IPhone and IPad to IOS 11, you may like to have a butchers at these how to videos n a few new tricks:

Israel: IDF shoot down Hezballah UAV coming in from Syria.

(Tel Aviv) Israel shot down a pilotless plane over the Golan Heights today which it says was most likely an Iranian-built aircraft on a reconnaissance mission for the Lebanese Hizbollah terrorist group on Israel’s frontier with Syria. The incident transpired  hours before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was due to address the UN General Assembly and cite Israeli concerns about an entrenchment in Syria of Iranian and Hizbollah forces that have been helping Damascus beat back hardliners-led rebels.

The drone was launched from an air base near Damascus and was downed with a Patriot interceptor missile over the Golan demilitarised zone that separates Israeli from Syria. 

UK: Mohammed loses court case over trying to print:"44 Ways to Support Jihad "

(Wellingborough)  Muhammad Z Khan wasn’t a happy teddy when he was arrested by the Police after he asked a local printer for 50 copies of "44 ways to support Jihad" which had been written by Anwar Al-Awlaki. (Yes that Awlaki who inspired so many religious bigots to murder, death,  kill in the name of Allah. Such as Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan, the Christmas Day "Underwear  Bomber" and the Times Square bomber) well so concerned were the printers at this very strange request, that they tipped off the old bill and they took Mohammed away in which to ask him a few questions. The thing is Mohammed, felt that getting nicked was against his human rights and so he tried to sue the chief constables of West Midlands and Northamptonshire Police for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, defamation, assault and damage to property and his parents' claim for false imprisonment.

Well today, he had his day in court and Mohammed (The gas fitter) who tried to claim he was a student and researcher, in which to explain why he required 50 copies of a jihadist manual  found his case thrown out of the door. The judge said that the arresting officer's view that he had grounds to suspect Khan of an offence under the 2006 Terrorism Act was reasonably founded.  The judge summed up by saying:
"I have come to the conclusion that there was no illegality or impropriety and that the defendants' officers conducted themselves throughout within the bounds of what was reasonably required by the circumstances of the case. It was inevitable that the whole process would be stressful and disturbing for the claimants and other family members. It would be difficult to imagine 13 police officers tramping about a family home for more than 12 hours, and conducting a minute search for incriminating material, without causing significant inconvenience and disturbance to the occupiers. Yet none of this should obscure the importance of the need to investigate evidence giving rise to the suspicion of criminal offences and, in particular, to suspicion of offences under the terrorism legislation. Distress is almost bound to occur and sometimes to occupants who are vulnerable because of age or physical frailty. That is regrettable, but police officers have to carry out their responsibilities nevertheless, while no doubt attempting to minimise the stress and inconvenience, in so far as they are able to do so consistently with those duties. Despite the claimants' accusations, it is clear to me that what set these events in train was not racism or Islamophobia, but rather the very disturbing content of Anwar Al-Awlaki's publication and the first claimant's apparent intention of having it reproduced and distributed."
Khan, who was not in court, intends to appeal.