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Sweden: Bosnian murders wife and 3 children

(Gothenburg) A 51-year-old Bosnian man has been charged with killing his three young children and their mother in Gothenburg last Thursday. The woman, who was the 33-year-old partner of the suspect, and the couple's three children, aged two to eight, were found dead in their apartment on Thursday after neighbours reported a fire in the Gårdstensbostäder AB block.

Firemen who responded to the incident were shocked to find 4 murdered people inside. Investigators believe that the fire was likely an attempt to hide the father’s alleged actions. All four victims were found with “injuries to their bodies that are unrelated to the fire,” police press spokesperson Thomas Fuxborg on speaking to the media on Thursday morning. Swedish media outlets, including Aftonbladet and Expressen, have reported that all four victims had their throats cut, Aftonbladet also reported that the suspect is a Bosnian citizen.

The man’s attorney said that he denied all charges against him.

China forces Muslims to download spyware on their mobile phones or face jail

(Xinjiang) Whilst the entire Islamic world falls about in self-flagellation over the deployment of metal detectors outside a mosque in Jerusalem, in China, the entire Islamic population of Urumqi has been directed by the authorities to download spyware onto their mobile phones in which to allow the Chinese to monitor their activities, or face 10 days in jail.

The initiative was started in Xinjiang in western China, with authorities sending a message via WeChat to residents in Urumqi, requiring them to install an Android application called Jingwang whose role is to spy on users and detect any possible terrorist and illegal religious videos, images, e-books, and electronic documents.

The notice, written in Uyghur and Chinese, was sent by WeChat to residents in Urumqi, Xinjiang's capital.
The Law enforcement agencies in China have issued warnings that random checks on phones will be carried in the coming weeks to make sure that everyone installs the app and no infringing content is stored on the devices. If the app detects content that violates the guidelines, users are prompted to delete it. Those who do not comply are also detained. The app is able to spy on the majority of activities performed on the phone, with logged data including conversations on WeChat and Weibo, two of the most popular communication platforms in China. Information like WiFi login details, device IMEI, and SIM card data is also collected and transferred to a government server, along with information on the media files stored on the device and which are compared to digital signatures of content flagged as infringing or linked with terrorist activity.

Strange how the Islamic world hasn't battered an eyelid on this subject.

The intolerance of Islamic tolerance

Across the world, thousands of Muslims are being killed, be it in Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or even the UK. Muslims are dying at the hands of their fellow Muslims, and how many times have you seen a protest against that bloodshed? But when Israel installs metal detectors outside a mosque in Jerusalem for security reasons, you know, the exact same metal detectors as found in Mecca, why its rent-a-protest time.

You'd think the followers of the so called religion of peace would protest against actual bloodshed rather than support it.



Saturday, July 22, 2017

Never judge a book by its cover: A very short anti racist film

Last year, I finished work and on my way home, I grabbed something to eat from the local Chinese takeaway. Whilst I was ordering, I noticed the bloke stood next to me staring at me. Once I sat down, I thought what the hell and said to him:
"You seemed surprised that I spoke English?"
He looked at me and replied:
"At least I have somewhere to live, you have nowhere and carry everything in that rucksack."
I smiled and without raising my voice replied:
"In my daysack is my uniform, I have just finished work and decided to walk home. I own my own home, it was paid for over 10 years ago. I'm also a Sgt Maj in the British Army and I have earned 6 medals. How many have you got?"
His face was a right picture and all he could reply with was:
"My dad was in the RAF during the war."
Fucking idiot tried to play the superior race card and was shot down fast order. What is it with people and judging a book by its cover? I didn't bother telling him I have also represented the UK at Ju-Jitsu and Karate.

Anyway, here's a short film about judging a book by its cover.

Son of Afghan Taliban leader dies carrying out suicide attack

(Reuters) The son of Taliban leader Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada died on Thursday carrying out a suicide attack in the province of Helmand in southern Afghanistan, one of the insurgent movement's main spokesmen said.

Abdur Rahman, 23, also known as Hafiz Khalid, died driving a vehicle laden with explosives into an Afghan military base in the town of Gereshk, north of the provincial capital Lashkar Gah, Qari Yousaf Ahmadi, the Taliban's main spokesman for southern Afghanistan, said.

He said Abdur Rahman had been a madrassa student but had wanted to carry out a suicide attack. "He succeeded in his mission last Thursday," he said.

Taliban fighters drove three captured Humvee vehicles into checkpoints during heavy fighting around Gereshk on Thursday.

One senior Taliban member, close to Haibatullah's family, said Abdur Rahman had enrolled as a suicide bomber before his father became leader of the Taliban last year and had insisted on continuing after his father took office.

Mullah Haibatullah took over leadership of the Taliban after his predecessor, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour died in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan in May, 2016.

Austria: Bylaws don't apply to Muslims

(Linz) The public bylaws in the Austrian city of Linz state that you cannot have a barbecue around the Pleschinger See (lake).

In fact, in order to reinforce that point, they have placed lots of notices around the area informing you what you can and what you can't do:

So when somebody came across one of many migrants cooking their food in an area where it is forbidden, he asked them if they knew of the ban. When they replied they didn't, he pointed out to the many signs, one being a few metres away from them. On hearing than, he replied that there were many other migrants doing likewise.

When told they were all breaking the law, he replies: "Not for Muslims". Here's the video from that little conflab which hasn't gone down well at all in Austria:

France: The French MIlitary give resigning General Pierre de Villiers a rapturous farewell

(Paris) General Pierre de Villiers, who resigned after hearing that the new French President had gone back on his pre-election promises of funding the French Military by cutting it instead, received a rapturous farewell as he left for the last time. That support doesn't bide well for Macron.

Iraq: The trans fighters of ISIS

(Mosul) It appears that with the recapture of Mosul from ISIS this past month, many of their so called evil fighters who apparently have no problem dying for the cause, have had second thoughts about uttering 'Allah akbah' for the last time. And so taking a leaf out of the liberal western way of life that so many of them despise so much, that they actually left in which to live under a pure form of Islam, they have taken to the words of Lou Reed's song Walk on the Wild Side:
Holly came from Miami F.L.A.
Hitch-hiked her way across the U.S.A.
Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she
She said, hey babe, take a walk on the wild side,
Said, hey honey, take a walk on the wild side.
in which to escape the payback from the people they have oppressed for so long. Problem is, it hasn't been hard to spot them:

Why, I suppose to the followers of ISIS, you have to walk like a man in which to be 'Divine, please Allah and get into Heaven':

Israel: The Temple Mount Issue in a Nutshell

(Jerusalem) Last week, 3 Palestinians entered a so called secure area of the Temple Mount and murdered 2 policemen and injured another. Questions were asked on how they had managed to sneak weapons into an area where everybody is supposed to be searched. A search of the Islamic holy areas found a stockpile of weapons, including knives, slingshots, cudgels, spikes, inciting material, unexploded munitions, stun grenades, and binoculars. So the decision was made to deploy metal detectors. The thing is, they are already in place for non-Muslims wishing to enter the Temple Mount via the Mughrabi Bridge. Yet to the Islamic world, this security measure is wrong. The Mufti of Jerusalem has issued a new religious edict for Muslim:
"Any Muslim who goes to the Temple Mount to pray at the Mosques, and enters via the Zionist metal detectors, their prayers will be “invalid” and not be received by Allah."
And with that statement, the hatred commenced, because of that edict Muslims have refused to enter the Temple Mount mosque and instead prayed (like they do when playing the victim card across the world) on the street in their thousands. This has inflamed Islamic passions and the result yesterday was 6 people killed. Yet what I cannot understand is, if passing through metal detectors is haram to Muslims, then why do they not complain about having to pass through metal detectors at airports, government buildings or even... Mecca. Yes, since 2011, Muslims on their religious pilgrimage to Mecca pass through metal detectors. No problem there, yet when the Jews do so, why it's a bloody hate crime and Allah is going to be angry with you if you do. That, people, is why Islam isn't a religion of peace.

India: Author told convert to Islam or we chop your arms and legs off

(Kozhikode) Whilst the news world is inundated with allegations of Islamic victimhood, in the real one we find the opposite, and as usual, very few people get to hear of the real meaning of… Islamophobia.

Novelist and short story writer K P Ramanunni received a threat six days ago in response to an article he had written in a regional daily appealing to Hindu and Muslim fundamentalists to stop fighting each other in the name of religion. Because he had placed Muslims and Hindus on the same platform, his detractors accused him of misleading the Islamic youth.
"Like T J Joseph, your right arm will be cut off... Your left leg too. You are given six months to convert to Islam. If you do not embrace Islam, we will inflict Allah's punishment on you."
(T J Joseph, was a professor in the Thodupuzha New Man College, whose right arm was chopped off as he was returning home from the Sunday mass at a church in India on July 4, 2010 by members of a radical Muslim outfit for allegedly hurting their religious sentiments through a question paper he had set.)

Ramanunni said though he had ignored the letter initially, other senior writers advised him to file the police complaint.

Friday, July 21, 2017

UK: Teenage girl found chopped up inside freezer after her cousin is admitted to hospital with a slashed throat

(London) Police in London made a gruesome discovery after a 21-year-old girl had her throat slashed. On investigating the crime scene, they found the body of her younger cousin dismembered and packed inside a freezer.

Police had been called to the address, earlier that day over fears for the welfare of the two women. They carried out a search of the property, which the victim's relative was reportedly renovating, and initially found nothing. But they made the grim discovery after hospital staff alerted them to the second woman's knife wounds. Three people were arrested last night, including a builder who was reported to be working at the house while the owners lived next door.

The murder scene
An Asian male was arrested as he tried to leave the country via Dover.

UK: Muslim woman demands apology for getting stopped by counter terrorism police after returning from Turkey

(London) Poor little Faizah Shaheen was stopped and questioned by British Anti-Terrorism Police after she returned from Turkey last summer. After 15 minutes, she was released with no further action. It appears that Mrs Shaheen caught the eye of the outgoing cabin crew when she was reading a Syrian art book. However, she believes she was singled out for her faith. Here is the young lady in question crying foul play to the media:

So traumatised was Mrs Shaheen, she is now going to the courts in which to demand an apology for being taken aside for 15 minutes (she states she was held for 30 minutes, yet the original news report from the bBC no less states 15 minutes.) I wonder why the bBC hasn't looked into the book in question:

And some of the pictures found inside it, pictures I should ask would raise a few eyebrows if found to be read by a young Islamic woman on a plane to Turkey, then the main gateway into Syria for the followers of..ISIS. But apparently the bBC didn't bother its arse in asking such pertinent questions. Funny that?

The Campaign for Ar-Raqqa City: June 20 – July 17, 2017

(ISW) The nice people at ISW have knocked out a little something which explains the situation inside Al-Raqqa, the de-facto capital of ISIS, which is currently going through its 1945 Berlin moment.

The U.S. Anti-ISIS Coalition and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) achieved small but significant gains against ISIS in Ar-Raqqa City between June 20 and July 17. The SDF completed its full encirclement of Ar-Raqqa City on June 29 after seizing a number of villages on the southern bank of the Euphrates River. Operation Inherent Resolve Commander Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend stressed that the manoeuvre emplaced a “physical band” that would “prevent escape or reinforcement” by ISIS in Ar-Raqqa City. The SDF later breached the heavily-fortified Old City of Ar-Raqqa on July 3 after coalition airstrikes destroyed two twenty-five meter sections of the historic Rafiqah (Old City) Walls. These breaches enabled partner forces on the ground to avoid pre-positioned ISIS defences at existing channels through the wall, including prepared direct and indirect fire zones, land mines, IEDs, and SVBIEDs. The SDF simultaneously continued to secure incremental gains along both the eastern and western axes of Ar-Raqqa City.

The battle for Ar-Raqqa City nonetheless stands to protract over the next several months. The SDF has reportedly encountered intensified resistance and “better-emplaced defences” over the past four weeks following initial rapid gains in districts on the outskirts of Ar-Raqqa City. ISIS has extensively leveraged innovative tools to slow coalition advances, including drone-borne munitions and a new type of motion-activated IED. The SDF has struggled for over a month to penetrate one “significant defensive IED belt” on the northern outskirts of Ar-Raqqa City. The SDF must also contend with continued pressure to protect and evacuate the estimated 30,000 to 50,000 civilians that remain trapped in Ar-Raqqa City. These challenges have been exacerbated by the poor combat performance of elements of the Syrian Arab Coalition of the SDF. Most clearing operations are reportedly led by the Syrian Kurdish YPG while allied Sunni Arabs – often suffering from lower standards of training, equipment, and motivation – serve as the rear holding force. ISIS has exploited these seams to mount successful local counteroffensives against several districts originally cleared by the Syrian Kurdish YPG. These failures highlight future problems likely to be faced by the U.S. Anti-ISIS Coalition in the establishment of a reliable local holding force such as the Raqqa Internal Security Forces.

Interlude: The Bangles - Manic Monday

That said I do rather prefer the much later acoustic version

Israel: Muslim world calls for 'day of anger' over Temple Mount.

(Jerusalem)  The Islamic world is angry (When are they not?) this time it’s over Israel (what a surprise) and how after a deadly shooting by …Muslims inside Hallowed ground last Friday where 2 Druze Policemen were murdered and another injured, the IDF closed off the murder scene (As is the standard operation procedure anywhere else in the world) . In this case it was the Temple Mount area, it was a Friday and Muslims bitched something rotten about not being able to pray. So they protested, then when the IDF opened up the scene, those poor Muslims found to their horror that airport style metal detectors had been put in place and all they have done since then is riot. Naturally to all the worlds peaceful Muslims this is an affront .  I can see their case, I mean why should the followers of the worlds most peaceful religion have to go through metal detectors.

Well, their protests have just stepped up a notch with the Union of Muslim scholars issuing a statement to all peace loving Muslims:
“We call on all Muslims to make this Friday a day of anger against the Zionist actions in Jerusalem and the people residing there,”
So in answer to that statement, can I ask, where are the world wide Islamic protests after each and every Islamic terrorist attack. All I hear from these so called peaceful Muslims is:
"They are not Muslims, He must have been brainwashed, The US/UK or Israel carried it out or the usual.."He was a good boy."
FFS, when is the Islamic world going to accept that evil is carried out on a daily basis by their ilk and its no f-ing use to blame the victims.But the worse part, there are non-Islamic idiots all over the world who believe this shite. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Canada: Yet another imam reported for anti-Semitism

(Toronto) I mentioned on Monday how an arrest warrant had been issued for Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr, the imam of the Dar al-Arkam Mosque in Montreal, after a video surfaced of him leading a sermon where he called Jews “the worst of mankind” and expressed his hope that Muslims would slaughter them on the Judgment Day. Well, what do you know, another one has been reported to the police for the exact same offence.

Maulana Syed Mohammad Zaki Baqri of the Pickering-based Council of Islamic Guidance and the corresponding Al Mahdi Centre allegedly told the June 24 Al Quds Day rally in a combination of English and Arabic that Jews and Israelis need to be eliminated:
“The systematic elimination of Jews ... Israelis, Zionists should know ... It is the law that whoever oppresses, he has to be eliminated.”
In fact, here's the bloody video of the twat saying just that:

Well, the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre (FSWC) did what the entire so called peace-loving Muslims couldn’t and filed a hate-speech against this bigoted bastard. As per usual, efforts to reach Baqri by phone and by e-mail at both the Council of Islamic Guidance and the Al Mahdi Centre were unsuccessful Thursday. Maybe he’s holding out for Justin Trudeau to hand over a few millions in compensation for hurt feelings and harassment by the media.

Well, I found this funny

Australia: Muslim walks out of court with a fine for damaging over 68 Christian graves

(Sydney) In Nov 2015, Nassem Raad and his friend Muhammad Ibrahim decided to visit Rockwood cemetery. Once there, they gravitated to the Orthodox Christian section and proceeded to destroy 68 grave stones. They were arrested as they left. In court last year, the pair pleaded their innocence, with the lawyer of Mohammad stating:
“His client would never commit such a vile act, describing him as an ­upstanding citizen who had helped retrieve the body of a “little girl” during the devastating Queensland floods.”
Unfortunately for these two outstanding Muslims, they retained a video of themselves entering the cemetery where they recorded themselves spitting, cursing at the grave stones, video which was used in court to link them with the crime.

Well, for Nassem, his day in court arrived yesterday, and instead of jail time, he was slapped with a fine and a 9 month suspended sentence. For some very strange reason, prosecutors in Australia have been unable to find a motive for this evil act of desecration.

Afghanistan: Major Taliban assault foiled

(Kabul) Afghan security forces have foiled a major Taliban assault on a number of check posts in strategic Baghlan province, killing at least 16 terrorist thugs, four policemen were also killed.

The Taliban carried out coordinated assaults on a number of security check posts on the main highway Tuesday, and kept the security forces engaged till late evening. Unfortunately for Allah’s little murderers (and women beaters), the Afghan security forces have upped their game and by late evening had bunted the Taliban operation, sending them back to the holes they crawled out of, apart from the 16 who were given new holes. Expect Amnesty International and its ilk to put in a complaint.

Sweden: Syrian Christian put in hospital by his fellow countrymen because they thought he was gay

(Södertälje) 31-year-old Gabriel Chabo, a Syrian Orthodox Christian immigrant in Sweden, went out for lunch last Friday with his brother-in-law in the city of Södertälje.

As they left their car, a group of ‘immigrants’, also Syrian, surrounded him and proceeded to attack him because they presumed he was ‘gay’. Actually, Gabriel isn’t gay, but he is an LGBT supporter and this is what he thinks is why so many of his fellow countrymen don’t like him. Gabriel stated:
"if you are going to stay in Sodertalje, you pay the money, because you are gay," he says. I said "no, I'm straight, you can leave me alone."
Gabriel is convinced that he was attacked because he openly stands up for gay rights. He also links up Friday's attack with past events - the beauty salon be co owns with his sister has been vandalized and that he has been subjected to abuse via social media. Did I mention he's a Christian?

 Lisa and Gabriel Chabo  (left of picture)

France: Head of French military quits after President Emmanuel Macron went back on on pre election claims of increasing the Military budget

(Paris) The head of the French armed forces, Gen Pierre de Villiers has resigned amid a bitter public row with the new President, Emmanuel Macron. The row began last week when a government minister revealed in a newspaper interview that despite pre-election assurances that the French military budget would rise the Government was actually going to hit the military with a €850m cut, this is despite that only days ago Macron stated that his pledge for future spending increases still stood.
“I know how to honour the commitments I make to our citizens.”

President Macron and Gen de Villiers in better times, 5 days ago
Gen de Villiers, speaking to a parliamentary committee behind closed doors stated that he would not let the government “fuck with me” on spending cuts. This was then leaked to the media. Macron instead of dealing with the matter also behind closed doors hit back by publicly slapping down the general at the annual summer military garden party, telling army generals in a speech: “I am the boss.”

It appears that Macron, by allowing power to come to his tiny little head, has started off on the wrong foot by alienating the entire armed forces by acting like the vast majority of politicians the world over. Lying out of his arse.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

China: Extracts Methane hydrates, aka "flammable ice" from South China Sea

(Beijing) China has managed to extract gas from an ice-like substance under the South China Sea considered central to it future global energy needs.

Methane hydrates, also called "flammable ice", hold vast reserves of natural gas. They are formed at very low temperatures and under high pressure. Usually found in sediments under the ocean floor as well as underneath permafrost on land. By lowering the pressure or raising the temperature, the hydrates break down into water and methane - a lot of methane. One cubic metre of the compound releases about 160 cubic metres of gas, making it a highly energy-intensive fuel.

Japan lacking any form of fuel security was actually the first to make a breakthrough with its pioneering gas extraction from undersea flammable ice in 2013. However, China has beaten them to the holy grail of commercial extraction with the news that their floating gas extraction platform in the South China Sea has borne highly promising results. Engineers drilled to the bottom of the sea and depressurised the hydrates right there, bringing the gas to the surface. Whilst this looks very promising it is still early days and it will be at least another 8 years before the project is up and running full time. If this is rolled out across the world, the Middle East is going to become a lot less important.

Iran: Tells US move your Military bases 620 miles away from our border or else!

(Tehran) The mad mullahs have gained a reputation for making bombastic remarks and the latest one is well up there with "There are no gays in Iran" . Iran to send a man into Space   or my favourite their many claims to be at the cutting edge of Military technology.

Anyway after numerous infractions of that Nuke deal that Obama hashed out, the current US President is having none of the Iranian grand standing that the previous incumbent allowed to take place and so he has just hit Iran with a raft of new sanctions for continuing continuing to develop its ballistic missile program, which the United States and other countries consider a violation of UN Security Council resolutions. Well that hasn't gone down well with the Mad Muallahs who taking time out in which to rape little boys (It's an Iranian pastime)   

Have issued a warning to the US in which to remove all their military bases 1000 Kms (620miles) from their borders. In a nutshell that means all of Iraq ,Syria and Afghanistan. Something tells me, that President Trump won't be listening to the kiddy fiddlers in Iran.

Iraq: Former ISIS Fighters getting treated a lot better than they treated their own captives.

(Mosul)  For the past few years. ISIS terrorists had no problem treating their captives in the worse way going. Be it being sold as slaves, tortured, raped or even murdered in the most grusome ways going the followers of ISIS have made a name for themselves for being truly evil.  Well with the capture of Mosul a large number of these evil bastards have been captured (whatever happened to dying for the cause?)  and a video has emerged of these captives been held prisoner in what are actually quite horrific conditions. But you know what, I don't care. Living is far too good for them, Personally I would allow all the Yardis and Kurdish women they enslaved to pay them a visit in which to show them the error of their ways. No doubt Amnesty International and the other Human rights idiots will be on the case.

Germany: Soldiers sacked for Hazing and sexual abuse sue for wrongful dismissal

(Berlin) Allegations that soldiers at a German military base engaged in "sadistic sexual" practices and bizarre hazing rituals sent shockwaves through the defence establishment in January. The German Defence Minister cracked down by sacking four offices who were implicated and transferring the base commander.

5 months later and all those allegations  have yet to be substantiated either by being invalidated and a lack of evidence for the others. Now four of the dismissed soldiers are suing to get their jobs back.
This case is going to put pressure on the Defense Minister ‘Ursula von der Leyen,’ who has been accused of by some in the military of mismanagement and politicization. That criticism has extended beyond the case of Pfullendorf to her handling of right-wing extremism in the Bundeswehr and dipping morale in the force. If the court rules to reinstate the four soldiers it will validate criticism of the defence minister and make her position untenable.

Turkey: State run news agency 'Anadolu' reveals US base locations inside Syria.

(Ankara)  In a move that exemplifies the Islamic penchant for stabbing you in the back. Turkey has made public the location of every US base inside Northern Syria. The bases usually kept secret  in which to ensure they don't warrant the attention of those idiots who simply wish to murder death kill were revealed in the state run 'Anadolu'.  The reason for doing so is no doubt the support the US has been giving the Kurds combat ISIS. Turkey does not support any notion of a Homeland for the Kurds, either in Turkey or elsewhere (Iraq/Iran/Syria)  and no doubt isn't happy how the Kurds have been armed in which to take the fight back to ISIS (Something they have excelled at) .  For the Turks this is a step too far and  so as is the way of the Muslim, they have stabbed the US in the back in which to make a political statement.

The Turks have justified their move by claiming that the US is supporting Terrorists, the irony here is there is valid evidence that Turkey openly supported ISIS. Naturally the Pentagon isn’t happy and has issued a press release:
"The release of sensitive military information exposes Coalition forces to unnecessary risk and has the potential to disrupt ongoing operations to defeat ISIS,"
Levent Tok, an Anadolu Agency reporter on the story, told the Bloomberg news service that the information about U.S. troop positions wasn’t leaked by the Turkish government. He said the story was based on field work by Anadolu’s Syria reporters and some of the details on the bases were disclosed on social media by Kurdish fighters. He finished with:
"The U.S. should have thought about this before it cooperated with a terrorist organization," 
With the Turks, acting the same way towards Germany, Saudi Arabia and the EU. It seems that granting Erdoğan dictator like powers  has resulted in Turkey turning away from common sense politics to those of a rouge nation.

US: Punk who blasted a Police funeral with the song '‘F–k Tha Police’ booted from apartment.

(NY) On July the 5th, Police officer Miosotis Familia, was executed by a gunman as she sat in her cruiser. Last week saw her funeral , however for JulienRodriguezthis this wasn’t a time for quiet reflection or even for respect.

No he went out of his way in which to be a prick and he did so by playing gangster music out of the window as people started arriving for Officer Familia funeral. Then when the service began he changed the song to play ‘Fuck the Police’ He only stopped the music (Sorry but rap isn’t music) when he got a knock on his door from 20 officers. Dick splash tried to excuse his behaviour by opining :
"it was “satisfying” to play the song on repeat from his apartment on East 188th Street, claiming that his older brother and best friend were unjustifiably killed by cops."
However the NY Post has been unable to verify that claim based on the names he provided. Well Rodriguezthis received an early Christmas present when he and his sister were kicked out of their apartment. She also played the victmcard over how her brother has been threatened over his anti-cop antics, adding: “I got people on Facebook telling him, ‘You’re wrong.'”

I for one won't be losing any sleep over how Rodriguezthis is getting on?

Egypt: First 3 out of 46 Ka-52 Alligator helicopters delivered by Russia

(Egypt) As I mentioned previously the Islamist Government of the Muslim Brotherhood was removed by the military at the behest of the population who took to the streets in their millions to protest at how the Leader of the MB had afforded himself and his petty thugs absolute power.  The liberals in the West, couldn't handle the fact that the vast majority of Egyptians wanted nothing to do with the MB and so they demanded that the MB as the elected government be returned to power. The Egyptians took no notice and saw a certain Human rights lawyer who was living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC become very angry and so he punished Egypt by holding back arms sales to the country. (Thankfully the US Senate saw more sense)  The problem here is at a stroke Obama alienated those Arab nations on the side of the West (Egypt/Saudi Arabia/ Gulf states) and in doing so he allowed others to take his place , which destabilised the region. Saudi Arabia started buying weapons from China . Egypt bought a load of Jets and 2 huge assault ships from France. Instead of using its Apache Helicopters (Egypt has 43)  they purchased 46 Ka-52Ks from Russia in which to bolster its Naval air arm and nobody trusted the US whilst Obama was in the White house.

The Ka-52K Katran Helicopter is a ship-based version of the Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and combat helicopter which was designed for operations aboard the French-built Mistral-class amphibious assault ships which Russia was going to purchase. When that sale fell through and the 2 ships went to Egypt. The Russians managed to get one over the Obama administration by selling them to Cairo.

Based on the airframe of the Ka-52 Alligator, which itself is a modified variant of the Ka-50 attack helicopter. The equipment and systems of the helicopter have been modified to suit naval operations. It features an advanced glass cockpit, which accommodates two pilots in side-by-side layout. It can be operated by either pilot and is equipped with advanced avionics and powerful weapon systems, which can be configured for different roles. The helicopter carries a 2A42-1 30mm automatic cannon and high-fragmentation, explosive incendiary, or armour-piercing rounds. It is also capable of launching Kh-31 and Kh-35 air-to-surface missiles.

Well this week the first 3 of 46 arrived in Egypt. Way to go Obama.

EU: Decides to stop selling rubber boats to Libya

(Europe) For years now the manderins at the EU have dithered about what to do with the hoards of economic migrants swarming into Europe from their own countries. First of all they tried paying despotic leaders to limit the numbers (Colonel Gaddafi, in the beginning and later on Pocket dictator Erdoğan) both failed. Some bright spark decided to send boats off the coast of Libya in which to rescue migrants around 10-50 miles off the coast. When that got too much, they halted it, only for liberals and do-gooders demanding the EU starts up the taxis rescue service as people were drowning. Then the Germans really let the cat out of the bag when they opened their borders and said everybody is welcome.  Which is were we are today with millions of Economic Migrants across Europe actually been housed, fed and clothed at the tax payers expense.

The EU political Elites simply do not have the Political will power in which to say 'Stop' and so they have dithered. They are currently at an impasse with the Eastern European countries who have stated, that they intend to preserve their Christian culture by not accepting hundreds of thousands of Islamic Migrants . The liberals still aren't happy and demand these countries be punished for not doing the right thing, they remain silent on the rise of crime (Terrorism, murders, rapes) and refer to people like me who point these facts out as a racist and still the EU dithers. Well finally the EU has decided to act in which to stem the flow of economic migrants from primarily Africa. So what have they decided to do:
Deport anybody found to be an Illegal....No
Send them to a safe area.....No.

Even better and much more effective than all of the above, the EU has decided to stop selling rubber boats to Libya.  It does make you wonder if these people live on the same planet as the rest of us.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Iraq: Two Canadian ISIS thugs captured in Mosul.

(Mosul)  After my last post about how a German female teenager has been captured in Mosul, it now transpires that 2 Canadians have been captured as well. I had to laugh when I read this snippet in the Canadianmedia:

“Herman Okomba-Deparice, the director of Montreal’s Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence, said he has received calls from the worried parents of Canadian foreign fighters who fear for their childrens’ lives.”
Really, you weren't worried when they were slitting the throats of those innocent people they captured, when they threw gay people off of buildings or even using captured women as sex slaves. Then its alright. Because you will believe it when they tell you and the world they were only with ISIS for humanitarian reasons 

But when the news comes out they have been captured, why you are now worried. More like looking at the dollar signs for when Justin Trudeau comes around with his cheque book. 

Iraq: German Bride of ISIS captured.

(Mosul)  Now that the heavy fighting for Mosul has finished, the Iraqi army (and friends) are carrying out a systematic search of the area  in which to finally clear the area. One such search found a young white girl who initially was thought to be a Yazidi girl who had been enslaved by ISIL, as a family was looking for a daughter of a similar description, but a relative came to try to identify her and said she wasn't that girl. It is now believed that the girl in question is German teenager  Linda Wenzel, who last year converted to Islam and did the Islamic version of a Gap year by relocating to Syria (In this case then onto Iraq)  in which to join ISIS.

Wenzel was captured in a tunnel system underneath Mosul by armed forces mopping up after the battle for the city. She was with around 30 other women from Russia, Turkey, Canada and Chechnya, some of whom wore suicide vests and were carrying automatic weapons.Iraqi security forces have said that 16 year old Wenzel had been working as a sniper for ISIL in the city, which had been pounded by heavy artillery for months in the run-up to its recapture.

The problem for the West isn't that this brainwashed teenager won't be the first ISIS thug to be captured over the coming weeks, but rather do they allow them to return to the West in which to carry out their unholy Jihad. We all know the answer that they will be returned to their home countries, however will we hold the so called experts who will release them back into the fold, when they decide its time to utter "Allah Ackba" in a crowded area.

Eygpt: 3 Terrorists taken out in one day.

(Cairo) Every since the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood (MB) (who swept to power in a time of turmoil) were removed by the military at the behest of the population  a terrorist campaign has been waged by them in which to try and regain power. (Like all Islamic despotic groups). This campaign has been bloody, primarily targeting the security forces and Christians  of which Egypt sees an attack at least once a week against the army and once a month against Non-Muslims. To the liberal media the MB are the true rulers of Egypt and thus they remain silent on the vast number of terrorist attacks carried out . Well today is going to be a black arm band day for those liberal ethical lattes drinkers as the Egyptian Army have taken out 3 of Allahs little helpers.

In the first setback for the MB, two senior members of the Hasam group -- an extremist movement the government accuses of links to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood were taken out

The second setback saw a leader of a militia affiliated with the Islamic State group take out , funny enough near Gaza. (why am I not surprised) 

UK: How Political correctness has turned London into a Third world City

(UK) London is in the grip of a huge crime wave. Gun, knife and acid attacks are rife. Muggers drive around on mopeds with impunity. The police do try their best, but the black and Islamic communities where these crimes are rife scream foul play when the Police try to do their job. Not only that but if you are a bystander and you step in to prevent an armed robbery and one of the armed robbers later dies in hospital, it is you who gets arrested. In fact the so called impartial bBC will even write a sob story for the dead thug telling everybody what a nice bloke he was and advertises a go-fund me page for the twat. Anybody who asks questions about black/Islamic crime is deemed a racist and thus the rot continues into turning London into a lawless third world country. Funny enough a lot of this crime wave started after Human rights lawyer Sadiq Khan became London Mayor. Also strange is how the last US President was a Human rights lawyer as well. Anyway for any ethical latte drinking liberal wankers reading this, here's a fine example from this Sunday past of the cultural enrichment you have forced onto the British way of life. Enjoy:

UK: Royal International Air Tattoo (RI 2017)

(Swindon) It's that time of year again when RAF Fairford hosts the international Air Tattoo:

UK: Mustafa in court for throwing acid over a pregnant woman

(London) Along with gun crime and knife crime, the peaceful followers of Islam have also brought acid crime to the UK. Which is why 19-year-old Mustafa Ahmed, of Stepney, East London, appeared at Thames Magistrates Court today charged with one count of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and one count of attempted wounding with intent to do GBH.

It appears at the start of the month a couple got into an argument with a bunch of Somali men. Several hours later and the same couple were splashed by 3 men with acid. The 40-year-old pregnant woman had acid thrown on her stomach and the male had acid thrown in his face.

In court, Ahmed, who currently lives with his parents and is studying in college, spoke only to confirm his name, age and address. His defence counsel Larry Matthews told the court that his client 'emphatically denies' any involvement in the offences. Well, naturally, he would.

Currently, throwing acid into somebody's face is all the rage, and yet the media (or the authorities) haven't managed to work out exactly how this evil act seems to be centred around East London. You know, that East London which is ground zero for the Bangladeshi population of the UK. Funny enough, Bangladesh also has the highest cases of acid attacks in the world.

Ah, what cultural enrichment Islam has given the UK.

Monday, July 17, 2017

UK: Black MP plays the 'racist card', gets shot down big time

(UK) To the northwest of the city of Birmingham is an area known as the ‘Black Country’.

The name derives from its industrial heritage and dates from the 1840s. The name is believed to come from the soot from the heavy industries that covered the area. Why in 1832, Queen Victoria wrote in her diary during a visit:
"The men, women (sic), children, country and houses are all black... but I cannot by any description give an idea of its strange and extraordinary appearance. The country is very desolate everywhere; there are coals about and the grass is quite blasted and black. I just now see an extraordinary building flaming with fire."
The people from region are proud of their heritage and have no problem telling you they are from the ‘Black Country’. In fact so proud, they held a competition for a flag to represent the area, and a 14 year-old girl won with this entry.

Based on a quote made in 1862 by Elihu Burritt, the American Consul in Birmingham.
He described the region as “black by day and red by night” — a result of the local
furnaces giving out smoke and grime during the day and glowing by night. The flag
background is therefore both black and red, with the chains showing a typical product
manufactured in the area. The central white area represents the glass cone, a symbol
of the region's glass-making heritage since 1790.

Well, new Wolverhampton MP Eleanor Smith took one look at the flag and claimed it was racist – she had ‘serious concerns’ over the connotations of the flag, adding it failed to represent the multi-cultural communities in the region. Her concerns centre around the use of the chains on the flag – symbolising the chain making industry – which she feels have connotations to do with slavery.

Wolverhampton MP Eleanor Smith
Well, that didn’t go down well with the Black Country crowd, and 26,000 votes on an online poll by the local newspaper has resulted in a rebuttal that she didn’t say it was racist and that the reason she didn’t appear with other MPs for a photo shoot was due to her being busy.

Why do so many political agitators find racism everywhere they look? Oh, and by the way, the chains for the Titanic were made in the Black Country.

UK: The worst level of anti-Semitism on record

(London) Whilst the Islamic world and their sycophants opine about Islamophobia in the UK (I'm brown skinned, have an Islamic name (but not Mohammed), live in a virtually white market town and I have experienced no hatred), it has just been reported that anti-Semitism has been recorded at the highest levels ever. For some strange reason, the bBC hasn't bothered its arse in reporting this. But hey, they have no problem feeding me a diet of Islamophobia.

The 2016 National Antisemitic Crime Audit registered a total of 1,078 anti-Semitic crimes, including 105 that were violent — about one in 10. Only one of the violent crimes was prosecuted, according to the audit. Anti-Semitic crime has already been a factor in the initial months of 2017, with incidents including the firebombing of kosher restaurants in Manchester; a man stopped by police after chasing Jews in London, brandishing a meat cleaver and machete; and police closing down London streets to make way for a major pro-Hezbollah march.

UK: Muslims in the UK play Islamophobic card over gay ex-Muslims

(London) One thing that is a given for the followers of Islam in the UK, is they only see themselves as victims. After any terrorist attack we are regaled to tales not of the victims, but rather of how Muslims fear attacks. Yes there have been a number of incidents in the UK, yet the simple fact remains this past couple of months has seen 30 people killed by Jihadists in the UK, on the other side of the coin, one Muslim has been killed. That figure is mirrored throughout Europe, where there is much more chance of people dying at the sound of Allah Ackba, than at the hands of a rabid right-wing bigot.

And so it is with open hatred and bigotry. The other week saw London Pride and the Gay community take to the streets in which to express to the world what a fantastic time they are having. One such group which took part was the Ex Muslim crowd, specifically in the case the homosexual Ex Muslim crowd and for once safe in the midst of a congregation of like sided people they decided to express quite elegantly what they thought of the polarized straight jacket of Islam which they decided to leave behind.

No, I don't know what the bloke on the left is bloody wearing.

Problem is, they upset the UK’s Muslims with the East London Mosque (seat of Islam in the UK) issuing a cry of Islamophobia. The Irony here is the East London Mosque has no problem promoting the open hatred of Homosexuals. Oh they say that isn’t so. But the fact remains, Islam in the UK has no room for gay people. In fact, after Jews, Muslims openly despise the rainbow crowd. Yet when that persecuted group tells it as it is, why it’s a f-ing hate crime. Pity the East London Mosque didn't mention the 10 Muslim majority countries in the world where being gay amounts to a death sentence.

The irony.

Canada: Warrant out for imam who called for Jews to be killed

(Montreal) An arrest warrant has been issued for Sheikh Muhammad ibn Musa Al Nasr, the imam of the Dar al-Arkam Mosque in Montreal, after a video of him leading a sermon where he called Jews “the worst of mankind” and expressed his hope that Muslims would slaughter them on the Judgment Day.

When Jewish group B’nai Brith was made aware of the video on the Mosque website, they lodged a complaint with the police.

Which is why Al Nasr, a Palestinian-Jordanian imam, is facing a charge of wilful promotion of hatred following an investigation by the Montreal police’s hate crimes unit. However, as he is a Muslim, Al Nasr’s whereabouts are unknown, B’nai Brith suspects he may be in Jordan and is calling for his extradition. However, as this is Canada, expect Al Nasr to play the victim card and receive a million dollar payout for hurt feelings.

The Dar al-Arkam Mosque has yet to apologize for the speech, and the original Arabic version of the sermon remains posted to the mosque’s YouTube channel.

Nigeria: Boko Haram suicide bomber kills 8, wounds 15 in a mosque

(Maiduguri) In yet another example of the mindless nature of Islamic terrorism, a female suicide bomber from the group Boko Haram this morning walked into a mosque in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri and blew herself up, murdering 8 people and injuring another 15.

Yes folks, the Islamic terrorist group, which is campaigning for Sharia law in a state which is run on Sharia law, decided to promote its agenda by blowing up a mosque.

Germany: Angela Merkel rejects limits for refugees

(Berlin) Speaking on TV last night, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has refused to place an upper limit on refugees that the country will accept.

Distancing herself from the position of her conservative Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), Merkel, who leads the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), said placing a limit on refugees was not the way forward.
"As far as an upper limit is concerned, my position is clear: I will not accept it," she said, saying that numbers could be reduced by regulation and taking action to prevent the situations that cause people to flee one country for another.

France: Congolese immigrants decided to riot, threatening "a new Bataclan"

(Paris) Recent immigrants from the Congo weren’t happy to see Congolese singer Heritier Watanabe playing at the Paris' Olympia music hall. Claiming he represented the Congolese Government, they decided to express their displeasure not by boycotting his show but by rioting on the streets of Paris.

In response, the Olympia’s management asked for the concert to be cancelled due to receiving letters, e-mails and telephone calls threatening "a new Bataclan". Armed with this information, the French authorities banned the concert.
Isn’t it wonderful how so many people seeking shelter from the intimidation and oppression found back home recreate those very conditions in the West?

Saturday, July 15, 2017

US Senate to pass The Taylor Force Act that would cut off US funding to Palestinian Authority for financing terrorism

(Ynet) Twenty-nine-year-old Taylor Force survived military tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but never returned home from a visit to Israel. In March 2016, the US veteran was stabbed to death in Jaffa (located adjacent to Tel Aviv), a victim of a months-long violent uprising—dubbed the “Stabbing Intifada”—which killed dozens of Israelis and resulted in the deaths of more than 200 Palestinians (mostly attackers subsequently killed by security forces).

Bitter memories of the bloodshed will be rekindled Wednesday, when the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee holds a hearing on proposed legislation, The Taylor Force Act, that would cut off American funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) so long as it continues to financially support—to the tune of over $100 million per year, or nearly 10% of the PA’s entire budget—prisoners convicted of violent crimes by Israeli courts, as well as their families.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Egypt: Six female tourists stabbed in Hurghada holiday resort, two dead

(Hurghada) Two female Ukrainian tourists have been stabbed to death and four other tourists wounded at Sunny Days El Palacio hotel in the Egyptian city of Hurghada.

The attacker is a young man in his twenties and is reported to have shouted in Arabic during the attack on Friday:
"Stay away, I don't want Egyptians."
He was immediately arrested after his knife rampage. The six female tourists stabbed in an attack were three from Serbia, two from Ukraine and one from Poland.