Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sweden: Police currently investigating a terror threat in Stockholm.

(Stockholm) The Swedish Security Service, Säpo, have confirmed that they are investigating a threatening chain of message that is being spread on social media, regards an imminent attack on the Swedish capital. However they have denied reports in the media that they have formally stepped up their level of security. Säpo's head of communications Nina Odermalm Schei

"We have an intensive flow of intelligence and receive threats similar to this one every other day or so. The difference in this case is that the threat is being spread on social media. Our job is then to find out what there is to it,"
Local newspaper Aftonbladet reports that the threat is aimed at central parts of Stockholm. It is understood that the threat does not contain any concrete information, Sweden's national terror threat level remains at "three" on a scale from one to five where five is the most serious.

UK: ISIS wannabe jailed for 4 years

(London) On the day after the Paris attacks in November 2015. Taha Hussain and another filmed themselves outside Windsor castle and at a nearby British Army barracks, making  threats and yelling ISIS slogans. Hussain made a second video outside Hounslow barracks with Haroon Ali Syed, 19, from Hounslow, west London, who was jailed for life in July 2017 for plotting a terrorist attack at an Elton John concert in Hyde Park.

After he had been picked up by the Policed they found that in Hussain they had a Islamic State fanatic who liked nothing more than spreading terrorist propaganda which stated that politicians, police and soldiers were the "best of all people to kill” When Hussain was arrested in August last year, police found that his screensaver was the black flag of IS and his PIN number was 9117 - an apparent reference to the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks. Other images on the device showed the black flag of Islam superimposed on the burning Houses of Parliament and flying outside Number 10 Downing Street. Six separate clips were also found on his phone, in which the men could be seen driving past the castle and Victoria Barracks and listening to an Arabic chant called a nasheed while giggling in excitement.
"See that place over there? [Windsor Castle] Insha'Allah, we're going to [tear] up the British flag [replace it] with that of sharia Insha'Allah, of the Emir al Mumineen [Leader of the Faithful] Abu Bakr al Baghdadi,"
In court, Hussain who had become religiously observant at the age of 15, claimed he was in Windsor "to feed the ducks". 
Hussain, of Slough, was found guilty at the Old Bailey in July of seven charges of disseminating terror documents on YouTube, WhatsApp and Telegram apps.

Sentencing him to four and a half years in prison, the judge Paul Dodgson said some of the evidence heard in the trial was chilling, particularly in light of recent terror attacks in the UK. He said: 
“I can only hope that your public renouncement of the aims of Isis and its allies is genuine and will lead you to take a new direction in the way you observe your religion.”
Really? A religious bigot whose friends have either been arrested for terrorism, serving prison sentences for terrorism , buggered off to join ISIS or died carrying out Terrorists acts, says he's see the error of his ways and promises to be a good Muslim from now on. I suppose the detail is in how we decipher what being a good Muslim entails?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

UK: Muslims buy former theatre in the middle of Jewish Golders Green

(London)  The biggest collection of Jews in London can be found in Golders Green and until recently Jews knew they had somewhere safe to go to in the city away from the increasing hoards of Muslims who have made the capital into Londonistan. But Muslims are not known for living in peace with their neighbours and they have just purchased a theatre in the centre of Golders Green (next door to the Bus station) in which to make into a community centre for (so they say) all to share. You know this isn't going to happen and pretty soon Muslims will cause trouble (As they always do) and push out the locals in which to make GG into a Muslim ghetto.

I used to live in MIll Hill and know GG and the area really well, never had any problem with the Jews, or even the Hindus from Edgeware (just around the corner) But you can guess with whom I never got on with. (And I'm an ex Muslim saying that) . Yes its a free country and all that, but I couldn't see the Muslims in their ghettos accepting any Non-Islamic place of worship moving in, never mind a Jewish one. Yet when its Muslims doing the moving in, we keep on getting told they will open it up to everybody. Really??? 

Czech Republic: Somali girl fails in bid to sue for the right to wear Hijab.

(Prague)  Somali Asylum seeker Ayan Yamaal Ahmednuur wasn’t happy when she was banned from wearing the hijab  at Nurse training college. So much so, she withdrew herself from the school because the ban prevented her from wearing hijab even during theory lessons, though originally she agreed with the school on taking her hijab off during the practical exercises of student nurses only. She said the school didn’t even allow her to cover her neck during the lessons. She then found a lawyer in which to demand that a Prague secondary medical school apologise to her and provide financial compensation of 60,000 crowns (£5.5K/$7.3k).

Well today Prague’s Municipal Courton rejected her appeal (against an earlier ruling from a lower court) stating:
“that the school, which prepares students for a career in medicine, had to remain a “neutral environment”.,"
Miss Ahmednuur who didn’t attend the court case said she would be considering taking further legal steps.

Somalia: Russia states it is going to help Mogadishu with its Terrorist problem.

(Moscow) Flush from helping Syria with its terrorist problem, Russia has discussed it is going to send troops to Somalia in which to help them eradicate their own Islamic terrorist issue, which further exemplifies the fact that years of western liberalism towards Terrorists :

  • "Oh we must talk to them"
  • "One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter"
Hasn't worked one bit and the only thing they understand is somebody with a bigger gun.

Syria: British MOD used a Hellfire missile to stop an ISIS public execution

(Abu Kamal) In a Syrian border town, ISIS  decided that due to the lack of any decent TV programs (Well they have banned TV) to put on a show of their own, so dragging a victim into the town square they presumed that they could make a killing from selling halal popcorn to lots of people demanding an evenings entertainment.

Until that is the RAF decided to spoil their day by hitting a nearby gunman with a hellfire missile resulting in a mission the liberals cannot claim injured so called civilians or even a wedding party. who just happened to be passing by, minding their own business.

Sweden: Police arrest Jihadist transporting Bomb to Malmo

(Lomma) Swedish Police got a lucky break last Friday when during a routine stop at 3am, they just happened to come across a 45 year old jihadist transporting a bomb to the city of Malmo for immediate use.

On finding an explosive device, the 103 and E6 major arteries were closed down whilst bomb disposal men were called to make safe the device.

The gentleman driving the car was known to the police.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Apple: IOS11: New Features & Changes for your IPhone.

Here's a few new features for  your IPhone:

Apple: IOS11 how to for your IPAD

If like me you've updated your IPhone and IPad to IOS 11, you may like to have a butchers at these how to videos n a few new tricks:

Israel: IDF shoot down Hezballah UAV coming in from Syria.

(Tel Aviv) Israel shot down a pilotless plane over the Golan Heights today which it says was most likely an Iranian-built aircraft on a reconnaissance mission for the Lebanese Hizbollah terrorist group on Israel’s frontier with Syria. The incident transpired  hours before Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was due to address the UN General Assembly and cite Israeli concerns about an entrenchment in Syria of Iranian and Hizbollah forces that have been helping Damascus beat back hardliners-led rebels.

The drone was launched from an air base near Damascus and was downed with a Patriot interceptor missile over the Golan demilitarised zone that separates Israeli from Syria. 

UK: Mohammed loses court case over trying to print:"44 Ways to Support Jihad "

(Wellingborough)  Muhammad Z Khan wasn’t a happy teddy when he was arrested by the Police after he asked a local printer for 50 copies of "44 ways to support Jihad" which had been written by Anwar Al-Awlaki. (Yes that Awlaki who inspired so many religious bigots to murder, death,  kill in the name of Allah. Such as Fort Hood shooter Nidal Malik Hasan, the Christmas Day "Underwear  Bomber" and the Times Square bomber) well so concerned were the printers at this very strange request, that they tipped off the old bill and they took Mohammed away in which to ask him a few questions. The thing is Mohammed, felt that getting nicked was against his human rights and so he tried to sue the chief constables of West Midlands and Northamptonshire Police for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, defamation, assault and damage to property and his parents' claim for false imprisonment.

Well today, he had his day in court and Mohammed (The gas fitter) who tried to claim he was a student and researcher, in which to explain why he required 50 copies of a jihadist manual  found his case thrown out of the door. The judge said that the arresting officer's view that he had grounds to suspect Khan of an offence under the 2006 Terrorism Act was reasonably founded.  The judge summed up by saying:
"I have come to the conclusion that there was no illegality or impropriety and that the defendants' officers conducted themselves throughout within the bounds of what was reasonably required by the circumstances of the case. It was inevitable that the whole process would be stressful and disturbing for the claimants and other family members. It would be difficult to imagine 13 police officers tramping about a family home for more than 12 hours, and conducting a minute search for incriminating material, without causing significant inconvenience and disturbance to the occupiers. Yet none of this should obscure the importance of the need to investigate evidence giving rise to the suspicion of criminal offences and, in particular, to suspicion of offences under the terrorism legislation. Distress is almost bound to occur and sometimes to occupants who are vulnerable because of age or physical frailty. That is regrettable, but police officers have to carry out their responsibilities nevertheless, while no doubt attempting to minimise the stress and inconvenience, in so far as they are able to do so consistently with those duties. Despite the claimants' accusations, it is clear to me that what set these events in train was not racism or Islamophobia, but rather the very disturbing content of Anwar Al-Awlaki's publication and the first claimant's apparent intention of having it reproduced and distributed."
Khan, who was not in court, intends to appeal.

Monday, September 18, 2017

UN: President Trump speaks to the UN

(New York) President Trump spoke to the UN today and he talked sense.

Out of the 193 countries which make up the UN, the top 20countries contribute 83.78% while the other 173 countries contribute 16.22% only. The top 10 contributors account for 68.89% of the total contributions. The total regular UN budget for the year 2016-17 is $ 5.6 billion.

Yet ironically those countries which pay the most are the ones who get attacked by the freeloaders the most. Its long overdue that everybody starts to chip into the UN budget.

Germany: 3 Afghans gang rape 16-year-old girl

(Munchen) A 16-year-old girl was gang raped by 3 Afghan asylum seekers Friday evening to the south of Munich in the district of Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn. Apparently, the victim had been with a larger group in front of a refugee shelter and she had gone with the three males towards the local S-Bahn station. On route, these 3 decided that she was game and decided to rape the child. Whilst two of the men managed to physically rape her, the third was stopped by people who heard the girl's screams and came to her help. Police were called and quickly rounded up these poor, misunderstood followers of Islam.

The police have revealed that the rapists came to Germany in 2014 and 2015.

In other news from Munich, Süleyman D, 26-year-old man who raped a student and tried to rape another in the toilets of Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, was sentenced to six years and nine months last week.

UK: Both suspects arrested for the failed Tube bombing in London last week are so called child asylum seekers

(London) The two people arrested by the British Police in regards to the failed bucket bomb left on a Tube train last Friday have turned out to be so called child asylum seekers from Iraq and Syria who were given sanctuary in the UK by the same couple.

On Saturday, the 21-year-old, believed to be Syrian-born Yahyah Farroukh, was arrested in Hounslow, west London, and the 18-year-old was detained at Dover port. It is understood the 18-year-old was an Iraqi orphan who moved to the UK when he was 15. It has been reported that both had spent time with carers Penelope and Ronald Jones whose home in Sunbury-on-Thames, in Surrey, was raided by armed police on Saturday morning.

For some very strange reason, those people who have been most vocal about how the UK should take in thousands of so called children from Europe (because apparently it's not safe for them to live in Europe), as it's the right thing to do, have remained somewhat silent on the above story. I wonder why that is?

Malaysia: Muslims ban beer festival as it is not... Islamic

(Kuala Lumpur) Authorities in Malaysia have cancelled an annual beer festival after the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) objected to the event that had been planned for the first weekend of October in the country’s capital. Whilst there are plenty of beer drinkers among the sizable Chinese and Indian minorities, protests against events deemed to be “Western” and unIslamic - such as concerts and festivals involving alcohol - are increasing in Muslim-majority Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) stated it had rejected the application for a permit by the organisers of the “Better Beer Festival 2017” to host the event, which would have entered its sixth year and followed it up with a warning:
“If the organisers continue with the event without DBKL’s approval, action will be taken in accordance to existing laws.”
Strange how those who have no problem demanding we respect the rights of Muslims when they are in the minority (Sharia/Halal/Islamic Banking/Holidays/Customs, etc.) have no problem denying similar rights to minorities when they are the majority.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Israel: Orthodox Jews clash with police in Jerusalem over military draft

(Jerusalem)  I can never get my head around Orthodox jews inside Israel, the vast majority of whom are happy to live it large at the expense of others. Yup the so called pious wankers of the Jewish faith who openly attacked soldiers who mobilised during Yom Kippur in 1973  have until recently had a cop out from getting called up to defend their own country. Well that changed last week when Israel’s Supreme Court nullified the law that exemptedultra-Orthodox Jews from being conscripted into the armed forces, sparking a massive outcry from the community and boy these free-loaders don't like it. Which is why, whilst other Israeli citizens (jews and Non-Jews)  are currently patrolling the borders of Israel in which to keep them safe, the Orthodox community decided to march in the thousands in which to protest at having to get called up to defend their country, their families and their friends from those who are more than happy to utter 'Allah ackba' for the very last time against the jew and I'm not even Jewish saying this.

Why do their protests remind me of the Judean Peoples front crack suicide squad

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Belgium: Danish Muslim deported back to Tunisia when she refused to take off her nigab

(Brussels)  6 years ago, Belgium became the second country in Europe to ban the full Islamic veil in public. Offenders face a fine of 137.5 euros (£121; $197) and up to seven days in jail. Naturally, as this is such a huge human rights issue for the followers of the religion of peace, Belgium was taken to the European Court of Human rights for discrimination, and - shock and horror - the court sided with Belgium.

So when a Danish woman arriving from Tunisia today, dressed all in black, landed at Brussels airport and refused to take off her niqab, Customs knew exactly what to do - she was put on a plane back to Tunisia and sent on her way. State Secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken confirmed the incident on his official Twitter account:

Turkey: 74 suspected ISIS terrorists arrested

(Ankara) Turkish anti-terror police carried out 15 simultaneous operations across Istanbul today, arresting 73 suspected ISIS terrorists, of which 73 were said to be foreigners. Documents relating to the terror group, including attack plans, were found in the raided hideouts. Police have said the detained foreign suspects would be deported back to their country of origin, whereas the interrogation of the Turkish suspect continues.

No doubt any of the foreigners who are from Europe, will simply plead their innocence.

UK: London failed bombing: 18-year-old refugee arrested at port trying to leave country

(London) The suspect believed to be behind the failed bombing of a tube in London yesterday morning has been arrested trying to leave the country via the port of Dover, which is the busiest ferry hub in Europe, with dozens of crossings a day to Calais alone. A police presence has remained around the port area.

The 18-year-old arrested in connection with the Parsons Green failed bombing is said to be a 'problematic refugee foster child'. Apparently, he was arrested after the bombing, held by detectives before being freed. Which led to President Trump being berated by the ethical latte crowd for tweeting this:
If the Police did indeed arrest this terrorist at the scene of the bombing and then let him go, then questions need to be asked. The fact that they arrested somebody at the busiest port in Europe within hours trying to leave the UK, suggests they knew who he was and substantiates President Trump's tweet.

Political correctness has got us to were we are today inside Europe, with terrorist attack after terrorist attack by those who we are told by the world's do-gooders are poor victims of white people. People like former Police chiefs who have no problem appearing on the bBC and claiming that to liken the above terrorist attack with Muslims is... Islamophobic.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Gaza: Two Hamas terrorists killed in tunnel cave in

(Gaza) Two members of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades -- the Hamas movement's military wing --died in a tunnel collapse on Friday. A statement by the brigade identified the two terrorists as Khalil Bassem al-Dumyati, and Yousif Sabri Abu Abed,

The brigade did not provide further details on the circumstances of the tunnel collapse, saying only that the tunnel was located around Gaza City.

The Institute for Palestine Studies reported in 2012 that Hamas authorities had counted 160 deaths inside the tunnels since 2007, and in August 2014, Al-Jazeera reported that figure to be as high as 400. Add training exercises and  Self-policing and we find that actually Hamas kills as many of its own as does the IDF. I wonder why the liberals don’t mention that figure?

France: 2 women attacked by Hammer wielding man screaming ..."Allah Ackba"

(Chalon-sur-Saône) Two women were attacked and injured Friday by a man wielding a hammer and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ in the eastern French town of Chalon-sur-Saone in Burgundy.

Witnesses of the attack in a public park in the town centre heard the attacker who was dressed all in black shout Allahu Akbar whist attacking the women, who were taken to hospital with light Injuries, both have now been released.

Prosecutors said they were treating the incident as a possible terror attack, but also did not rule out the possibility the attacker was deranged.

Iran: Israel behind crimes against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

(Tehran) A senior Iranian cleric has called for international action over the major humanitarian crisis unfolding in Myanmar, saying the Israeli regime is behind the violence against the persecuted Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state.

“Some 400,000 people are killed, beheaded, burnt and displaced which is a big humanitarian crisis. Undoubtedly, the Zionist regime is behind all these crimes,”
Christ, is there anything in the world which the Mad Mullahs can't and won't attribute to the jew?

France: Soldier attacked by a knife wielding man whilst screaming "Allah ackba'

(Paris)  A soldier on patrol as part of an anti-terror operation in Paris on Friday was attacked by a knife wielding 40 year old Moroccan today. The attacker lunged at the soldier at the central Chatelet metro station) around 6:30 am (0430 GMT), whilst screaming ‘Allah Ackba’.

The attacker was quickly brought under control and nobody was injured in the process.  French Investigators have opened an anti-terror probe.

UK: 22 people injured when bomb partly detonates on London Underground carriage.

(London)  22 people were injured when a bomb partly detonated on a packed tube train during the early morning rush at 08.20hrs at (thankfully) at Parsons Green station.  London.

Commuters on the  tube train reported hearing a bang and seeing a fireball flying down the carriage during Friday morning rush-hour.  Pictures show a white plastic bucket inside a plastic bag with flames coming out of it.

Police have confirmed the blast came from an improvised explosive device
Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has said hundreds of detectives, working with MI5, are investigating the explosion. Which thankfully only partially detonated.

Interlude: Hall & Oates - Maneater

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tunisia: Women now allowed to marry non-Muslim men

(Tunis) Tunisia today signed a measure cancelling a provision dating back to November 5, 1973, which banned Tunisian women from marrying non-Muslim men. This was one of the last measures stemming from Islamic law that went against the gender equality of citizens, such marriages were only possible if the man converted to Islam in front of a Mufti of the republic, which provided a certificate to be presented to civil authorities. However Christian or Jewish women were allowed to marry a Muslim.

The justice ministry came to the conclusion that the 1973 legislation went against articles 201 and 41 of the Tunisian Constitution and international agreements signed by Tunisia and thus has changed the law for the better. Tunisian women will now be allowed to marry men regardless of their religion.

Iraq: 50 killed in Iraq suicide attacks

(Nasiriyah)  At least 50 people have been killed in twin gun and car bomb attacks in southern Iraq. Gunmen wearing military uniforms stormed into a restaurant in Nasiriyah, about 200 miles south of Baghdad, around lunch time. They opened fire on the patrons there, who included Iranian and Iraqi pilgrims traveling north toward the Shiite shrines in Karbala and Najaf, Moments later, a car bomb exploded at a police checkpoint near the restaurant, which sits along Highway 1, the road that connects Baghdad with Dhi Qar province, where the attack took place.

An additional 80 people were injured in the two attacks, which the Islamic State later claimed in a statement released online by its propaganda arm.

UK: Well, I found it funny

Venezuela: President Maduro's answer to the country's food problem: Breed rabbits

(Caracas) Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has come up with a cunning plan in which to address the food shortages that is plaguing the oil rich country - rabbits:

Speaking on national TV, President Maduro related the following:
"For animal protein, which is such an important issue, a 'rabbit plan' has been approved because rabbits also breed like rabbits."
That plan consisted of handing out rabbits to people in which to breed and consume. Problem is, the trial program in 15 communities saw people dress up rabbits with ribbons and such and treat them as pets rather than something to put in the pot. Which led to Maduro admitting that the “rabbit plan "had not got off to a good start" and the minister of urban agriculture, Freddy Bernal, saying there had been a "cultural problem".

Funny enough, when Australia did the same in 1788, it resulted in a huge ecological problem, with them being the most significant known factor in species loss in Australia, which is still extant to this day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

France: Man 'shouting Allahu Akbar attacks seven people, including three police officers in Toulouse'

(Daily Mail) A former psychiatric patient viciously punched four passers-by then attacked three police officers while shouting Allahu Akbar in Toulouse today.

The enraged man, 42, kicked and punched the officers before they managed to contain and arrest him.

The man continued to scream Allahu Akbar - Arabic for God is Great - as he was wrestled to the ground before bursting into tears.

One witness said: 'We were chatting and he jumped on us. He first caught my son and then beat my daughter. We just ran.'

Two of the civilian victims were taken to the Toulouse-Rangueil hospital.

French police say the alleged perpetrator was released from a psychiatric hospital in April.

Russia: Numerous cities hit by bomb scares.

(Moscow) For a few days now numerous towns and cities across Russia have been hit by a wave of bomb alerts. Tens of thousands of people have been affected. In Moscow over 20,000 people have been evacuated today from shopping centres, train stations and two universities have been evacuated today. The hoax calls began on Sunday but the extent of the alerts only became clear by Tuesday:

  • In Chelyabinsk, in the southern Ural mountains, more than 11,000 people were cleared from 10 buildings on Tuesday
  • In Perm to the north-west, 5,700 people had to leave schools and public buildings
  • Police in the southern city of Stavropol received 42 bomb hoaxes
  • Other cities affected ranged from Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Omsk in Siberia to the enclave of Kaliningrad in the far west

So far, all of the alerts have proved to be hoaxes and the public has been urged to remain calm.

The EU speaks, its message reeks

(EU) Since the UK voted to leave the EU, we have heard nothing but moaning from the mandarins at Strasbourg, who whilst happy to claim that democracy prevails to all the world, seem not being able to understand the concept of equality and freedom for all and oh how they have moaned at how the UK is going to leave this huge ponzy scheme of which the UK stumps up the second highest amount:

Well today European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made it quite clear on how he feels about losing such a huge backer to the EUs house of cards:

Yeah , yer jack-booted NAZIS, we heard that all before be it the Spanish, the French or even your pin-up Adolf. But hey rather than listen to me, here is Nigel Farage telling Juncker how it is:

Korea: Air Force demonstrates Taurus cruise missile

(Seoul)  Whilst the liberal world looks upon the US (under Trump) as the belligerent one regards North Korea's nuclear testing . The South Korean Military has been quietly training for any future conflict with its northern neighbour.   Yesterday was the South Korean air-forces turn and they demonstrated their ability to surgically strike their enemy using the German/Swedish made Taurus KEPD 350. A long-range, high precision stand-off guided missile system able to penetrate through dense air defence systems and destroy hardened and deeply buried military targets . Designed with stealth characteristics a  range in excess of 500 kilometres, and a 1000Kg warhead, the Taurus has the ability to strike anywhere in North Korea and take it out.

The following video shows just how accurate it is. Whilst everybody talks about the US militarys ability to strike NK, they tend to forget that the South Koreans will be an equal partner in any hostilities and with weapons such as the Taurus, North Korea would quickly find that they have bitten off more than they can chew.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Pakistan: Young couple who eloped, tied to bed and electrocuted by village council.

(Karachi) A young couple met, fell in love and decided to marry without informing their families.  They in turn turned to the Pashtun council of elders, or Jirga for advice. Unfortunately for the teenagers the council claimed that they had brought dishonour on the community and issued a death sentence on them. So as this is Pakistan, both families acting in unison, captured the couple, and after tying them to a bed, electrocuted them to death (The girl first, followed by the boy the next day) then the couple were buried in a hidden grave, until somebody reported it to the police.

The bodies are set to be exhumed and the police have arrested the two fathers and two uncles (who have admitted to the crime) and are now pursuing some 30 members of the jirga who funny enough have gone into hiding.

Monday, September 11, 2017

The rank hypocrisy of Muslims

I've just come across this tweet by a senior producer with Al Jazeera Media Network, and quite a few people have retweeted it in which to express the loss of Islamic Spain to Christianity:
The video clip is somewhat disingenuous in that it promotes the view that Islam was welcomed into Spain, that they were usurped by Christianity and that under Christian rule they lived in terror. And yet, not only was Islam a foreign occupier, they ruled harshly for all non-Muslims. (Christian Spain was invaded by Islam and occupied for over 800 years until the Spanish kicked them out.)  But the part I like best was the person who retweeted the above has just tweeted this:

I did reply back to her asking what's the difference between the two, but it seems I've now been blocked. That, people, is the rank hypocrisy of Islam and how they lie when they present this image of a peaceful Islam.

Egypt:18 Policemen murdered in Islamic terrorist attack

(Arish) Terrorists attacked a security convoy in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, today.  The attackers detonated an improvised explosive device and destroyed four armoured vehicles including a signal-jamming vehicle near Arish. At least 18 policemen, two of them officers, have been reported killed so far. ISIS have claimed responsibility.  

The pain of 9/11 will never go away

US: Black Nikes matter

(Miami)  It appears that some people saw Hurricane Irma as a god-send:

Sunday, September 10, 2017

He-Man and Skeletor do dirty dancing

Sometimes a advert comes along which makes you smile:

Somalia: Suicide bomber kills six people

(Beledweyne)  A suicide bomber targeted a meeting between clan elders in a local restaurant today killing 6 and injuring several others in the northern city of Beledweyne.

Terrorist group al Shabaab have admitted to the terrorist act with their mouthpiece proclaiming:
"We are behind the attack at the Hiran governor’s headquarters. There are casualties. We targeted the workers of the Hiran administration"
Hiran is one of Somalia’s administrative regions. 

Egypt : Police kill 10 terrorists in shoot-out.

(Cairo)  Ten terrorists were killed on Sunday morning during a police raid on their base.

An exchange of gunfire took place in the densely populated Cairo district of Ard el-Liwa and wounded five policemen, including two officers, one of the terrorists, died when an explosive device he intended to use against the policemen went off prematurely, killing him instantly. The terrorists were said to be members of Hasm, a breakaway Brotherhood faction that has targeted police and army officers in Cairo over the past year in a series of brazen attacks.

Police found bomb-making materials, assault rifles and ammunition as well as maps of vital state installations and computers in which instructions and details of future attacks were stored.

Pakistan: Mullahs declare Musical Instruments are Haram (forbidden )

(Khyber Agency) In tribal area in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas region of Pakistan known as the Khybr Agency.

The mad mullahs after Friday prayers decided to preach to the faithful that making or playing music is a sin. So taking a leaf out of the Science fiction story Fahrenheit 451 where books are banned and burnt , the faithful were encouraged (But not by the blowing of a trumpet) to go forth in which to find sinners, divest them of anything that can play a tune and set fire to them
“We have burned down 10 items of music … We will not tolerate such activities in (our) area … If any musical event is staged in the area, we will confiscate items. The guilty ones will also face social ostracisation from local community in Jamrud tehsil,”
Over the past few months, students and followers of these tuneless bigots had been raiding musical events in the area. They actively sabotaged stages and confiscated musical instruments, besides regularly beating up singers and other local performers.  At least when the British ruled the area, they knew how to treat these wankers:

Anfita: The truth is stranger than fiction

I grew up as a teenager reading the comic 2000AD and boy did they get it so right with so many stories:


Saturday, September 9, 2017

German Elections: Have people had enough of Merkel

(Berlin) in just over a fortnight (24/09/17) Germany will go to the polls. and whilst it appears the current incumbabt will win,  it appears that the volk  have started to express their displeasure of Angela Merkel.  Gee I wonder why?

Pakistan: 17 year old Christian boy murdered for drinking out of same glass as a Muslim

(South Punjab)  Unlike Muslims in Christian lands, Christians in Islamic ones are treated like dirt. They are often resigned to the lower ranks of society and Pakistan is no different.  However the parents of 17 year old Sharoon Masih didn’t want for their child to follow in their footsteps and they scrimped and saved to send him to MC Model Boys Government School .

His father, who worked at a brick kiln factory, had to save for years to afford even the nominal attendance fee. Unable to pay for the school uniform, Sharoon turned up on his first day in casual clothes. He told his mother that his teacher slapped him twice on the face, and forced him to stand outside all day in the sun. Mr Mol also called him “chuhra”, he said – a highly-offensive caste-based insult – and other boys tried to force him to convert to Islam.

The thing is, he was the only Christian there and he soon felt the wrath of his fellow class mates who could accept the fact that there was a Christian at their school. However after only 3 days, his fellow classmates decided they didn't want to share with a Christian and so they beat him to death  after claiming he had been drinking from the same glass as a Muslim. His teacher who was in the classroom at the time stated he didn’t see anything as he was reading a newspaper at the time. (really?) Police have arrested one student, Muhammad Ahmed Rana, who told police that he lashed out after Mr Masih broke the screen on his phone. Mr Rana has so far refused to name others involved in the attack.

UK: 4 Afgans jailed for mass rape.

(Ramsgate) Last September 4 Afghans must have thought all their Ramadans had come in when they came across a young 16 year old trying to get home to Canterbury (18 miles) after a night out with friends coming across as good Samaritans, they took her to a flat and gang raped her. 

Like all good Muslims these wankers lied out of their arses in which to try and get away. In fact one of these pious Muslims did a runner to Italy in which to escape the arm of the law 37 year old Tamin Rahmani, 37, 20 year old Shershah Muslimyar, 24 year old  Rafiullah Hamidy and 18 year old Hamid Mohamadi, , were found guilty of three counts of rape.

(L-R) Shershah Muslimyar, Rafiullah Hamidy and Tamin Rahmani were jailed for 14 years each
Sentencing, Judge Heather Norton said the girl had been trying to make her way on foot back to a friend's house having missed the last train home, and was "young, drunk, disorientated and vulnerable". She said the girl thought the four were going to help her, but instead they "took her up to a bedroom, pushed her on to a mattress and repeatedly raped her" over a sustained period. Which is why she handed out 14 year prison sentences to the 3 older Islamic rapists and a 7 year one to the 18 year old.

And the liberals keep trying to tell me, Islam has nothing to do with rape.

Friday, September 8, 2017

UK: Muslim prisoner numbers jump 50% in just 10 years -But liberals don't knows why

(London) The UK Muslim prison population has leapt 50 per cent in the past decade. But according to Labour MP David Lammy a lack of data means the jump in Muslim prisoners behind bars to 13,200 is unexplained. Muslims now account for 15 per cent of all prisoners but five percent of the British population. Lammy said more data was needed to understand why the rise had occurred. Stating:

‘The lack of transparency undermines accountability,’
He added that that courts do not record defendants’ religion and said this practice meant it made it impossible to understand why the Muslim population behind bars had surged. The thing is, that figure is replicatedacross Europe, Mr Lammy , so it isn’t just a British problem. I on the other hand as an ex Muslim don’t need to find any excuse to know why Muslims flock to crime as the founder of Islam himself was a warlord who rose to power on the backs of crooks.

Iran: Christian school children told learn Islam or leave

(Tehran) Whilst Muslims in any country where they are a sizeable minority complain about the hardships they have to endure. They tend to remain silent on how where they are the majority, other faiths have to do as they are told or else. Which is why Christian children in Iran have been told they now have to learn Islam or else:

A report from Christian Solidarity Worldwide, second generation Christian children in the cities of Rasht and Shiraz whose families belong to the Church of Iran church  have been told by school officials that they must learn Shia Islam or be kicked out of school. According to CSW, which is accredited by the United Nations, the children are by law allowed to opt out of being taught Islam and receive religious instruction designed by Christians. However, their families' requests for them to be taught Christian religious instruction has been denied.
"Until recently, their families were able to present a signed letter from the denomination that exempted them from studying Shia Islam," the CSW release explains. "However, the authorities are now rejecting this letter on the grounds that the Church is an 'illegal organisation,' and are insisting the children either agree to study Islam, or go home."
Sources within the denomination who have knowledge of the situation told CSW "the message is clear: convert or leave."
Meanwhile in the West, Muslims complain about how the authorities won't change the day of Prom because it falls over Ramadan or even worse been denied to wear the Hijab.

Interlude:Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Israel: The Carmel a possible replacement for the Merkava Tank.

(IDF) Like many other armed forces the IDF looks well ahead in finding replacements for its current weapon systems.  We recently saw that with how they have ordered 50 F35 stealth aircraft in which to stay well ahead of the neighbours. However the majority of any future combat will be land based and whilst the Merkava Tank is a world beating tank, it is getting long in the tooth and you can only upgrade something so many times.

So the IDF set in motion the 'Carmel' project which focuses on technologies that may be bolted onto existing platforms or those currently on the production line. The 'Carmel' platform is a technology demonstrator. The platform is lighter than the Merkava Mark-IV tank and will incorporate an active protection system fitted to each tank individually in addition to spatial protection for platforms operating within a specific area cell. Its weight is only half of that of the Merkava tank, to enable it to operate with relative flexibility in dense urban areas. The platform may be operated by a crew of two or three troopers as opposed to the standard four men crew of today's tanks. 

UK: Two arrested on suspicion of terror offences

(Birmingham) Two men were arrested Thursday morning at Birmingham airport on suspicion of terror offences.

One is suspected of planning an attack, while detectives believe the other belongs to a banned group.The arrested men had just come back to the UK from Turkey and are both UK nationals.
A police briefing stated:
"A 40-year-old was “arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism”, while a 29-year-old was “arrested on suspicion of belonging to a proscribed organisation”

US: Third Gen Tilt rotor Bell V-280 Valor looks good for its first flight.

(Amarillo) The Bell V-280 Valor is a third-generation tilt-rotor aircraft being developed by Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martin for the United States Army's Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program and the pictures below show that the demonstrator is ready for its first flight.

The Valor is Bell’s entry for the medium segment of the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program which is looking at a replacement for the Army’s existing medium-lift helicopter fleet of Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks and Boeing AH-64.

Powered by two 5,000-horsepower General Electric T64-GE-419 engines, the V-280 has a triple-redundant fly-by-wire control system, and is designed to carry two pilots, two crew chiefs, and 11 to 14 passengers at a cruise speed of 280 knots (hence the name V-280)  and a combat range of 500 to 800 nautical miles. It builds on the existing V22 Osprey currently in service. However it faces stiff opposition from  the Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant – which has reinvented the helicopter, by adding a propeller to the back in which gain some much needed speed. 

About that Israeli strike on Syria

The S-400 is supposed to be the most lethal Anti-aircraft missile system in the World.

Kenya:Four Christians beheaded by Al Shahbab terrorists

(Lamu)  The peaceful followers of Al Shahbab not content with ruining Somalia have taken of late of spreading their religious bigotry next door to Northern Kenya.  This has entailed laying mines on roads and allowing them to do their indiscriminate work. A heightened military presence in the area, has made these so called brave zeros of the umma to look elsewhere in which to spill innocent blood. Which is why over the past two days they have beheaded 4 people. The first attack took place a man when a man was beheaded by a group of armed men at Silini-Mashambani village at 6.30pm Tuesday. This was followed up a few hours later at 1.30am Wednesday when armed men, raided Bobo village, which is about three kilometres from Silini.

Lamu County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo confirmed the killings and said they were yet to establish if the attackers were Al-Shabaab militants. “Four people have been killed at Bobo and Silini in Hindi. We are yet to establish whether those who carried out the attacks were really Al-Shabaab. He also stated:
“It is suspicious that the attackers were calling people by their names before beheading them"
The killings come barely two weeks after four people were beheaded by suspected Al-Shabaab militants at Maleli village in Witu Division, Lamu West.

Syria: Israeli jets strike Chemical Factory.

(Masyaf) Last night IDF jets flying over Lebanon struck a Syrian military base suspected of containing a chemical weapons plant The Syrian military has admitted the attack took place on the state’s scientific studies and research centre near the city of Hama, which is responsible for research and development of nuclear, biological, chemical and missile technology and weapons stating two people were killed near the town of Masyaf in western Syria and caused unspecified material damage.

"Israeli warplanes at 2:42am today fired a number of missiles from Lebanese air space, targeting one of our military positions near Masyaf, which led to material damage and the deaths of two members of the site. Syria's army warns of the serious repercussions of such acts of aggression on the security and stability of the region."

Amos Yadlin a former head of Israeli military intelligence twittered an interesting fact:
Strangely enough the strike took place on the tenth anniversary of Israel's destruction of a Syrian nuclear reactor and just a day after a United Nations investigation panel reported that Syrian government forces had carried out at least 27 chemical attacks since the civil war broke out in 2011.

Spain/Morocco: jihadist cell' preparing 'large-scale' attack broken up.

(Madrid/Rabat) A joint operation by the Spanish and Moroccan authorities  have dismantled a jihadist terrorist cell composed of six people", of which five of them were arrested in Morocco and one in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in North Africa.

Spain's interior ministry said Wednesday. The jihadists  were preparing "large-scale attacks".
The arrests came about after an investigation by the Moroccan security services found evidence that the group was planning large-scale terror attacks, holding discreet night-time meetings during which they carried out physical training and simulated murder training by learning how to slit throats with knives.

The Moroccan interior ministry said the cell became active in Beni Chiker, a town in the northeastern province of Nador, with its members "planning to carry out a range of execution operations in Morocco and Spain." Five of the suspects are Moroccan nationals, one of whom had residency in Spain, while the sixth was a Spanish national of Moroccan origin.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Sweden: Person arrested in Sweden on suspicion of preparing a terror offence.

(Stockholm)  A man in his late 30s has been picked up by Swedish police on reasonable suspicion of preparing a terror offense. The local prosecutor was brief in her public statement simply stating that she could not give further details but "the reason for the person being arrested is that the suspect could damage the investigation.” I suppose well find out by Friday as that is the longest they can hold him without charge.

Afghanistan: Taliban send Suicide bomber to avenge so called leaflet insult.

(Kabul)  I have to express a laugh at how Muslims find fault and insult in every direction they look. From dusk to dawn, you name it, they object to it. And so it is in Afghanistan, the Taliban unhappy at being kicked out for hosting intolerant Islamists who getting bored with murdering within the country started murdering people elsewhere, be it India, Africa and of course America.

Well, the last event in 2001 cost them dearly and whilst the liberal world claims nothing has been achieved I beg to differ. The world has had its eyes opened to the scourge of intolerant Islam and it no-longer accepts the adage that Islam is a religion of peace.  Inside Afghanistan buoyed by Pakistani,Iranian and Russian funding the Taliban have made something of a comeback.Which is why the US upped the number of troops in country and has been bombing the crap out of the Allah ackba squad. Well the powers that be, understand only too well that they cannot do the task at hand without the support of the locals and thus they use soft propaganda in which to achieve their aims. One such method is  hearts and minds and so last week the US dropped a load of leaflets on Parwan Province that depicted a lion chasing a white dog -- the same colour as the Taliban's flag on which they superimposed the Taliban message which is also The Islamic statement of faith -- "There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" -- was superimposed on the dog's body.

Well that Taliban quick as a paedophile into a childs pants , played to crowd, claiming this was a offence, the Americans apologised and in doing ensured  that they would be found  culpable of a hate crime against the followers of the so called religion of peace. Well today, some twat rode a motorbike up to the main gate of Bagram airbase and uttered “Allah ackba’ and killed 3 people .

The Taliban have now claimed it was to make the Americans pay for disrespecting ‘Islam’, problem is no Americans were killed.